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Research team and partners

The institutions involved in the project :

Sultan Qaboos University, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Archaeology

Sultan Qaboos University, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences

University of Tuebingen, Oriental Institute

University of Stuttgart, Institute for Building and Planning in Africa, Asia and Latin America 

University of Kassel, Institute of crop science

German Archaeological Institute, Orient Department

German Research Foundation

flag Omani Project Team:

Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Belushi, Department of Archaeology, SQU

Mr. Zahir Al-Zakwani, Office of International Relations, SQU

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Khanjari, Department of Crop Sciences, SQU

Prof. Dr. Iqrar Khan, Department of Crop Sciences, SQU

Dr. Ahmed Yahya Al Maskri, Department of Crop Sciences, SQU

Prof. Dr. Osman Mahgoub Gaafar, Department of Animal and Veterinary Science, SQU

Dr. Abdul Wahid Hago, College of Engineering, SQU

Dr. Abdullah S. Al-Ghafri, Department of Soil, Water and Agricultural Engineering, SQU

Dr. Maged M. Negm, Department of Tourism, SQU

Mr. Nasser Al-Jahwari, Department of Archaeology, SQU

Mr. Nasser Al-Hinai, Department of Archaeology, SQU

Dr. Birgit Mershen, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman


flag German Project Team :


Prof. Dr. Heinz Gaube, University of Tuebingen

Dr. Michaela Hoffmann-Ruf, University of Tuebingen

uni kassel

Prof. Dr. Andreas Buerkert, University of Kassel

Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht, Universities of Goettingen and Kassel

Prof. Dr. Karl Hammer University of Kassel

Dr. Maher Nagieb, University of Kassel

Dr. Stefan Siebert, University of Kassel

Dr. Katja Brinkmann, University of Kassel

MSc Uta Dickhoefer, University of Kassel

MSc Eike Lüdeling, University of Kassel

Dipl. Ing. Christa Diener, University of Stuttgart

Dr. Anette Gangler, University of Stuttgart

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Ribbeck, University of Stuttgart


Prof. Dr. Lorenz Korn, University of Bamberg

Dr. Juergen Schreiber, German Archaeological Institut, Berlin

Dr. Jutta Häser German Protestant Institute of Archaeology Amman



    Professor Dr. Moawiya Ibrahim, Dep. of Anthropology and Archaeology, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    Professor Dr. Abdulbasher Shahalam, Dep. of Civil Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    Dr. Annette Patzelt, Oman Botanic Garden, Office for Conservation of the Environment, Diwan of Royal Court

    Professor Dr. Inge Guba, Dep. of Mining, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    Dr. Gerwulf Schneider, Free University Berlin

    Dr. Malgorzata Daszkiewicz, ARCHEA